Private Messages and Confidential Data Sharing on Cardano

2 min readDec 3, 2022

In this blog, we introduce a side product we are working on in collaboration with Ada Handle. It is called ENSHARE and allows sending encrypted text messages and sharing confidential data on-chain.

If you follow our project, you might know that in order to transfer value to someone using ENCOINS, you need to send the coin and the secret minting key to redeem it. The latter can be done off-chain, but it is not always convenient. This observation gave us an idea: we need a system to share confidential information on-chain to make the ENCOINS experience more seamless!

We decided to call this system ENSHARE. It enables a number of use cases, from private messages to delayed publication of timestamped information. And, of course, it will be integrated with the ENCOINS dApp.

Here is how it works. A user, who wants to receive private messages and data, will need to generate a public-private key pair using our portal. The user will then receive a subHandle that contains the public key in the metadata. This subHandle will allow other users (even without a Handle) to send private messages and share data with the subHandle owner. All information is posted on-chain in an encrypted format and is not tied to the recipient. Such a system, naturally, will be able to leverage the Midnight side-chain (when it arrives) for reduced fees, new features, and more customization options.

ENSHARE will be powered in part by Ada Handle’s APIs and could benefit from its integrations with Cardano wallets. You can find more information about Ada Handle at