ENCOINS repositories are now officially open-source!

2 min readJan 23, 2023

In this announcement, we present our codebase that we have been working on for a while.

Here is the link to our GitHub account: https://github.com/encryptedcoins

Most of our code is in Haskell. For the Cardano developer community, the most interesting components are probably plutus-apps-extra and cardano-server:

  • plutus-apps-extra builds on top of IOG’s plutus-apps library and contains many utility functions that are often required on the backend of Cardano dApps. In particular, we have implemented a custom transaction builder that abstracts a lot of the boilerplate code used when constructing a Cardano transaction.
  • cardano-server is a server backend component for Cardano dApps, an alternative to PAB. It can process HTTP API requests using the supplied transaction-building logic by balancing, signing (if needed), and submitting transactions constructed from the user input.

Our long-term goal with these components is to reduce the amount of code needed to build a Cardano dApp from scratch to just on-chain and off-chain smart contract code (and a user-facing frontend), abstracting things like blockchain data queries, the network layer, and communication with other backend components and services.

We have applied for the Cardano Foundation stake pool delegation and will apply in the next round of Project Catalyst funding to be able to develop these components further, beyond our needs with ENCOINS and ENSHARE.

If you are interested in ENCOINS-related code, you can find it in other repositories of our account, such as encoins-core, encoins-relay, and encoins-frontend. The code there is still work-in-progress as we are approaching the final stages of development for ENCOINS v1.