Development update: October

2 min readOct 9, 2022

In this blog, we give updates on the current development of ENCOINS. Our team works simultaneously on several components: the ENCOINS Core library, the Relay Server app, and the Minting Portal (the web frontend).

The ENCOINS Core library is nearing functional completion. It contains on-chain scripts and off-chain code that constructs correct transactions for minting, burning, and moving encoins on the ENCOINS Ledger. In the coming weeks, we will be developing the tests to verify the correctness of our implementation.

One thing to note here is that we currently mock zk proof verification in the on-chain code as the necessary functions are not yet added to Plutus: we are waiting for the CIP-381 to become active (we hope it will happen at the next hard fork). This is also why a public test is unlikely in the next 2–3 months.

The Relay Server app is the component that will ensure privacy on the ENCOINS Ledger by submitting transactions on behalf of the users. It currently has the functionality to process API requests from clients, obtain the relevant on-chain data, and construct and submit transactions that mint the specified tokens (test tokens at the moment). We will finish integrating this component with the ENCOINS Core library in the next couple of weeks.

On the frontend, the team has agreed on the UI concept for the Minting Portal. We are in the middle of development of the wallet and relayer interaction protocols. In the near future, we will be adding a dedicated frontend developer to our team to boost the progress on this component.

Finally, in anticipation of the Cardano Summit (19–21 November), we aim to release a demo of minting, burning, and transacting with encoins. The format and the content will depend on what we will have ready a month from now. Stay tuned for more updates!